Root teak root medium bench 175x74x102cm 5 604x270

Teak Root Medium Bench

  • Product dimension (approx.) : 175x74x102cm
  • Truly unique and stunning craftsmanship
  • Crafted exceptionally well with natural solid teak wood root
  • Extremely heavy
  • Every teak root medium bench is handcrafted to create wonderful and unique products
  • Smooth finish with preference touch
  • Extremely solid and sturdy furniture
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor options

Teak Root Description

Make this statement with exceptionally handcrafted teak root medium bench, crafted from the solid teak tree and fairly traded, with one of the types of stunning arched back and the medium-sized teak root, bench furniture is individually unique one-off product – because of its natural shape, no item match with another one. We are proud to offer this elegant product at a fantastic price.

The natural wood is applied in crafting this hardy and industrious natural elements, subjected to water resistance or extremely humid environments for decades. One of the sturdiest root in the world, making it ideal for the contemporary or modern home. Also, a super choice for outdoor furniture. – is a high-end handmade teak root furniture supplier located in Bali, Indonesia.  Our range of products include :