Root teak root tray available 1 604x270

Teak Root Tray

Bowls & Tray
  • Product dimension (approx.) : 65x50x12cm
  • This will improve the beauty of your home
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Available in flat, eroded, small and with handle shapes
  • Very heavy and exclusively handmade my the professional craftsman
  • Food safe teak
  • Hand wash with soap and cold water
  • Available in different colors / finishing based on request

Teak Root Description

Just like the rings on a tree, the best dinner party has stunning lives. Hot welcomes give appreciation to your party, and definitely, your guest will love this party. Let your party take root with this beautiful platter, charming craft from a teak root. Each richly stained slab of wood sits on an iron stand, making a tiered focal point with an amazing organic design. Handmade in Indonesia. Made from one single piece of teak. The plate measures 65x50x12cm, each plate is special and one of a typical piece of art that would include beauty to your home. – is a high-end handmade teak root furniture supplier located in Bali, Indonesia.  Our range of products include :