Terms and Policy

Inquire prices

Please contact us by submitting a form on the items that you would like to inquire. We will reply back with the pricing of each item to your email address within 24 hours. Please make sure you also provide us your shipping information (city, country, closest port if you already know this) so that we can include the shipping cost (normally LCL – Less container load – per cubic meter shipping) along with the prices of the items being inquired. If you prefer to talk directly with our sales representative, please provide your number and a time to call and our staff will contact you to answer your questions.


Ordering Retail

For end user/ retail purchases we do not have a minimum order. If you are interested to purchase our products after knowing the prices, we would require 50% deposit on the total amount to be paid before we can start the order. Most of our products are not in stock and we would require 7 to 14 days to produce them. In cases that the products are in stock, our staff will notify you of this so that the product can be purchased directly without the need to pay a 50% deposit. Please note that the 50% deposit or the full payment is non refundable and cannot be used to purchase other products that are not originally being ordered.


Ordering Wholesale & Container full

Please contact our sales representative if you would like to order 20 foot, 40 foot container full of products.



We have two methods of payment, via Paypal and via bank transfer. For transfers of less than USD 500 we recommend that it be done via Paypal because the amount arrives in our Paypal account quicker (within 15 minutes) as oppose to bank transfer it will arrive within 5 to 7 days. Please note that we will only start producing the order once we have received the transferred amount. If you are interested in payment via bank transfer, please make sure to let our sales representative know so that they can guide you in doing this, including providing you with our bank account information. Please note that bank transfer fee or administration charges should be paid by the customer. We will reject amounts received which are less than what was agreed and the customer must do second transfer to cover the loss due to the transfer fee administration charges deductions.


Orders ready to be shipped

We will inform via email when your order is finished and ready to be shipped. We will also include several digital pictures of the products in the email that we send to you. We will then send you the total invoice of the product + shipping cost which requires final payment.


Shipping :

  • We only recommend to ship our items using sea cargo since it is not as expensive as air cargo. Normally if you order one or two items the shipping then can be arranged using LCL for more information about shipping please asks our sales representative. Once the product is shipped our sales representative and our cargo agent will keep in touch until the order arrives safely. Our cargo agent partner and our staff will assist in anyway we can so that the products arrive safely at the agreed destination.
  • The cost to ship 1 cubic meter to any destination around the world will be different, for instance to ship to USA would cost approx USD 300 per cubic meter, but this could vary depending on the state/ destination.
  • We only ship the product to the nearest port in your area. If you would like to arrange a door to door delivery it would be best to arrange this with a local transportation agency in your area. Arranging this from Indonesia will be very expensive and we do not recommend you to do this.
  • To ship a product to any destination around the world would require approx 4 to 6 weeks. It may be different depending on holiday seasons and schedule of the ship/vessels. Please consult with our sales preventative to find our more information on vessel schedule so will receive your product faster.
  • Once your order is in transit, our partner cargo agent will send you the original shipping documents via a courier (you can also request for the documents to be scanned and sent to you via email). You will need the original documents to take out the product once the Products arrive at the port of destination. A local agent representative will contact you to inform you that your products have arrived and will request the documents to be sent to them,


Import Taxes:

Every country imposes its own taxes, duties and other administrative fees. Import taxes will vary depending on country and state. Customers are encouraged to contact their local postal service or customs bureau to inquire about possible import taxes. Sekarnusa.com is not responsible for duties or taxes charged by the local government.


Refund :

When the deposit or payment is made, no order cancellation is possible. However in the case of order cancellations, deposit is non refundable or be exchanged to be used on other products.