Do you have a minimum order ?


Answer: No we don’t. But to access our wholesale prices you will be required to order USD 4000 ore more otherwise our retail price for each item will apply. We do have a first time test the market order but this only applies for first time wholesale orders.


Will I get a product like what’s shown on the website?


Answer: All our root furniture is unique; your product will be quite similar but a little different in terms of the root curves and slightly different in dimensions. Please see the images below; our customer ordered 4 similar root coffee table below – having the same product code & price but slightly having different in dimension ( by 1-2 inches) and different in the curves of the root forming the table.


Must I pay a deposit to order ?


Answer: if the product is not in stock then yes we will require you to pay 50% deposit on the total value of the invoice.





What makes you different with other root furniture manufacturer?


Answer: It’s the quality of the finishing and craftsmanship that separates us apart from the rest.


Do you quote including glass or not ?


Answer: For products such as coffee tables or dining table that requires the use of glass, our prices never include glass. If you require glass to be included please let us know.


For table products, is the dimension I see a diameter of the glass or the diameter of the table base?


Answer: For dining tables it is the diameter of the glass that the table can support. The dining table is usually 30 cm less than the diameter of the glass for knee space. For coffee tables, the diameter size is the diameter of the base it self. Please ask our sales representative for more info.


Do you have lower end items?


Answer: All the items shown on the website are high end items sold at high end prices. We also have lower end items with lower end prices. Please ask our sales representative for more info.





I would like to order container full but I can’t see any of the prices?


Answer: We only lists down wholesale prices of each product in a protected section on our website. It is only available to our wholesale customers. If you are interested in becoming our wholesale customer please contact our sales representative or read our FAQ below on wholesalers


I would like to order a single item but I can’t see any prices?


Answer: We have an easy to use INQUIRY cart on our website; please add the products you are interested in into the cart and press submit. We will reply your email within 24 hours with the retail prices of each items that you are interested in.


I want to try only a few items at wholesale prices to test the market. Can I do that?


Answer: Yes minimum value of the order to test the market is USD 2000 at wholesale price. Please contact our sales representative for more information.





How do I become your wholesale customer and have access to wholesale prices


Answer: You will need to contact us with your business details including contact number and the best time to contact you. Our sales representative will contact you via phone and ask you questions about your business before they will allow you to have access to the login ID and password which would access our wholesale price list.


What is the minimum order quantity?


Answer: The minimum order is USD 4000 to access our wholesale prices. For first time test the market order, it is USD 2000.





I need fast support, how can I get this ?


Answer: You could either call us at +62 8123895395, or have us call you – please supply a phone number and a good time to call, or  download skype (skype.com) and enter the skype id : sekarnusa and chat to us there ( during office hours ).





Where are you located?


Answer: Our workshop is located in Jl. Raya Pahyangan, Ubud, Gianyar. If you intend to visit us please let us know to make an appointment to ensure we are available to meet with you.





Can you customize the product ?


Answer: Yes we can custom make root furniture products, but you will need to provide us the exact dimension of the product. If you have pictures for us to see this will also be good to help our artisans produce the product for you. If you do not have pictures resembling the product we will make the product base on the dimensions that you have provided.





Do you have items in stock


Answer: We normally have standard root chairs and coffee tables in stock. But in some cases when we have huge orders from different parts of the world, we would not. So it is best to contact us and check with our sales representative on this. Other products besides from chairs and coffee tables we rarely keep in stock.





How long will it take for you to prepare my order?


Answer. This depends on the products and the quantity of the products you order. For less than 5 item orders, it will take us anywhere between 7 days to 14 days or more depending on the product. For a 20foot container full normally we would require 1 month and for a 40 foot container we would require up to 2 months





What type of payment do you accept?


Answer: We accept payment via paypal or (credit card online incases that you do not want to open up a Paypal account) and we also accept payment via bank transfer. Paypal transfers requires +3.4% added to the total transaction value and as for the bank transfer we would require the amount transfer to be NET, all administration and bank transfer charges must be paid by the customer. If the amount received is less than the total amount due to bank transfer charges, we will require the customer to do a second transfer to cover the lost amount.


What type of payment do you Prefer.


Answer: For transfer less than USD 500 we would insist in payment via paypal since it is quicker for both us and the customer to start the order.





Could I buy your products and ship it with another company or including it with my container order ?


Answer: Yes certainly. Then we shall quote you on just the product. Your cargo agent must be the one to pick up the goods in our warehouse.


How long will it take for me to receive the product


Answer. It would take around 4 to 6 weeks.





Could I get a refund if I cancel my order?


Answer Unfortunately when we have received your deposit or payment, the amount cannot be refunded.

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