Root teak root coffe table 152x60x45cm 1 604x270

Teak Root Long Coffee Table

Coffee Table
  • Product dimension (approx.): 152x60x45cm
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Teak wood hundred percent
  • Handmade
  • World most precious timbers
  • The weatherproof and most durable
  • Available in different colors / finishing based on request
  • Made to order / unless item is in stock - please contact us

Teak Root Description

Teak wood is the most weather-proof and durable of all hardwoods and is one of the globes most precious timbers. It has been historically recognized for its firmness and strength and has a richness and beauty that succeeds. The natural oils that are generated, permits it to be used outdoors years-around, where it develops a charming silver-grey patina. The long coffee table makes the floor beautiful and scope of a bigger room. Their beauty lies in the simple look and simple lines. The teak root coffee table is suitable for four to eight persons. No doubt, you can enjoy your coffee or tea at this table with a special gathering.

  • Available for wholesale and retail
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