Root teak root furniture mushroom table set with 4 chair 100x100x77cm 604x270

Teak Root Mushroom Table 4 Cut Side Chair

  • Product dimension (approx.) : 115x90x77cm
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Made from strong teak rots
  • Accessible in a range of shapes
  • Perfect teak root
  • As a perfect decoration
  • Handmade hundred percent
  • Real teak root

Teak Root Description

The teak has been grown in Indonesia for more four hundred years in plantation forests. These plantation forests are found largely in Madura and Java, where they originated in the seventeenth century by the Dutch during their occupation of Indonesia. Teak has little, lovely white flowers, papery leaves, and its wood have an essential oil that resists water and stops the rusting of iron. Teak roots dug up from the ground must pass an important dying phase that can last to a full year; this makes sure the wood is of top standard and will not crack if exposed to rain or heat. Eco-friendly and eco-catching, teak root furniture and teak root mushroom table 4 cut side chair look beautiful and wild. Carved and shaped out of full teak root pieces, the organic form of teak is preserved and presented to make special, an amazing piece of furniture. – is a high-end handmade teak root furniture supplier located in Bali, Indonesia.  Our range of products include :