teak root furniture 1level coffe table 131 140x120x60cm 604x270

Teak Root 2-3 Level Coffee Table

Coffee Table
  • Product dimension (approx.) : 140x120x60cm
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Best for outdoor and indoor
  • Strong coffee root furniture
  • Each table with vary in shape, no 2 ever the same
  • 3 wooden "leaf" sections best for display
  • Special coffee root base with amazing shapes, variations, and textures
  • Available in different colors / finishing based on request

Teak Root Description

This is made in Java, Indonesia, using the roots of the coffee tree. A sustainable source, every person is fully special due to the special and natural way that the coffee root is made. Extremely sturdy and strong, a charming piece.

The coffee root furniture is made from the coffee trees roots, a by-product would generally go to waste. Each piece is wonderfully hand-crafted to make these special, charming items. Due to the coffee root nature, the look and shape of each one will vary largely so the images are examples but the one you get will be fully special, with no 2 pieces looking the same. – is a high-end handmade teak root furniture supplier located in Bali, Indonesia.  Our range of products include :