Teak Root Furniture

Cherie & Bianca offers exceptional indoor & outdoor teak root furniture showcasing some truly fine art pieces, reflecting certain elegance at its best. Our collection suits customers who have a strong passion for the unique and natural beauty.

Unique and Stylish Indonesian Teak Root Furniture and Wood Root Table

Cherie & Bianca offers Unique and Stylish Indonesian Teak Root Furniture and Wood Root Table for your outdoor patio space or even a room inside the home.


Indonesian Tree Root Furniture Wholesale


Cherie & Bianca Teak Root Furniture is a producer, wholesaler, and retailer of Indonesia’s finest teak root furniture, and wood root table sold worldwide, mainly to countries such as the United States (US), Canada, Australia UK, Germany, Austria, Holland, Russia, Romania, France, and Singapore. Our tree root furniture comes from central Java, dug from the ground/, the root wood is dried-out in the open air for one year, before being used as wood material in producing our furniture. All our furniture is uniquely produced by our craft mans, in our Ubud, Bali workshop, producing top quality unparalleled finishing that can be used in outdoors and indoors settings, in warm and cold climates.

since we obtain our Wood root table from digging up the remaining of trees that had been cut years earlier by other parties, we help reforestation by cleaning up the roots of trees so that the land space can be used once more for planting new trees.