The Brand

the-brand-cherie-biancaLocated in the most beautiful county in Bali Island , Ubud, we are always challenged to produce the finest root furniture in all shapes and sizes. We operate our own furniture manufacture company with almost 49 (artisans and staff) dedicated employees to create world-class exportable furniture. Our aim is to give an important contribution in beautifying every home with something unique , elegant, and everlasting. Various types of furniture are available in our gallery; they are mainly derived from teak, rattan, and specially root wood. All furniture is designed to become graceful indoor furniture and outdoor furniture in every residence which adopts various themes or decorations.


We certainly realize that quality is something that people really look for. Thus, we are really focusing on quality for every piece of furniture we produce. We always give a high level of craftsmanship to all furniture, both indoor furniture and outdoor furniture , ensuring a fashionable and reliable solution to all of your needs. With the best earthy material, we assure our wholesale Indonesia furniture to be captured exclusive and fantastic when viewed from every angle. At the same time, our root furniture can be comfortably used by anyone, thus comfort is also an absolute part of our creation.


Eye-catching in style and design, our wholesale Indonesia furniture is now best seller and becoming hit amongst root furniture enthusiasts. We really offer the exceptional indoor furniture as well as outdoor furniture that showcase some truly fine art pieces, reflecting certain elegance at its best. For sure, our collection suits the people who have a strong passion for the unique and natural beauty. With all those specialties, our root furniture is worth choosing, representing the good value for money. There is more to come, including the big discount , when you visit and see us closer…


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